CTAI Cannabis Tourism Annual Data Report

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About The CTAI

The Cannabis Travel Association International (CTAI) is the united global voice

of cannabis travel. We serve to advance the mainstream adoption and

integration of cannabis-related travel trends through Advocacy, Education,

and Networking. The CTAI promotes safe and responsible cannabis travel by

demystifying the cannabis-related travel trend and working to unify the

cannabis, hemp, and travel industries. We empower the development of

favorable regulatory environments and facilitate data-driven discussions while

promoting best practices in this emerging space. The CTAI is a fully registered

501c6 organization.


The CTAI values cannabis-related travel data. Data is a powerful analytical

tool that supports advocacy and education. Data and insights are vital to

advancing the cannabis travel niche forward toward normalization globally.

This year’s CTAI State of Cannabis Travel data publication provides a

comprehensive 360 view of the cannabis travel trend through an international

lens. We gather data from various leading sources that are actively exploring

and tracking the development and evolution of cannabis-related travel

ongoing, including traveler behaviors and what destinations are doing to

embrace the opportunity and reach a new audience.

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The purpose of this report is to analyze multiple data inputs and present how they come together to provide an insightful story to the Cannabis travel market.

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CTAI Cannabis Tourism Annual Data Report

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